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I notice someone tried to resurrect an old thread recreating classic album covers with a footballing twist. I'm not sure what happened there, but it seems to have been sealed away in the Owlstalk archives for all eternity now.


Anyway, after witnessing some of the works of genius in the film poster thread, I thought we should give it another go...



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can any of our clever bods photo shoot evans face onto the album with the nipper swimming with no clothes on. I'm so thick I don't know the artist or the album name but its a classic cover

Nirvana - never mind

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I'd buy that album. And listen to it.


The track list looks decent...




Sheffield Wednesday's Lonely Parps Club Band


With Little Help And No Pens


Wednesday In Midfield Diamonds


Getting Better (Players In The Summer)


Fixing A Hole (In The Pitch)


Stevie's Leaving Home


Scoring For The Benefit Of Mr. Chansiri


Within Nuhiu Without Nuhiu


We Finished Sixth In Sixty-Four


Lovely Reda


Good Morning Hillsborough Morning

Sheffield Wednesday's Lonely Parps Club Band (Reprise)

A Gray In The Life


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Cheers, lanzaroteowl.


Is nobody else going to have a go at making one, then!?


I wouldnt know where to start mate . That sort of stuff is way beyond me. 

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