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Player ratings

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Westwood - 7 Not much to do but always talking and keeping us organised


Palmer - 7 Solid outing

Lees -  8 Leads by example

Dielna - 7 Less hoof/karate today and kept the attackers in check

Helan - 7 Always looking to push on without being caught out


Magurie - 6 A few poor/careless balls straight to opposition players which could have caught us out with better teams 

Hutchinson - 5 Not getting a lot of luck this season

McGugan - 8 MOM, the driving force and most likely to make something happen

Lee - 6 For me he's "just there" and when going forward always looks to turn back rather than go for it


Keane - 7 Had a good go

Nuhiu - 6 Was better in the second half but for me should have been off at half time or not long after




Vermijl - 6 Strange decision to put him on the right but solid without offering anything more

Mattock - N/A not on pitch long enough, just to run out the game

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