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Love it when I'm right, reported it weeks ago an all I got was fish jokes, even said they had paid the wages.


....and despite being a know it all who is always right, you still didn't understand the fish jokes?

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are you the guy who did dave jones and reda johnsson in the jeep?


another classic


Very late response mate so not sure you will see this, no, I didn't do the jeep one, that was absolute genius. I'm only a beginner, there are some amazing people on this site for these things Pauli, Professor Erno, and apologies I've forgotten the name of the guy who did the wolf of wall street dance thing. That was phenomenal. 

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So who would everybody like as the second half of the consortium ?

My wish is, as rumoured before, some Tycoon from the drinks industry with loads of clout.

I'm sure it would also lead to some great sponsorship deals !

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