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What are majority of fans missing that Gray isn't ?

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To most it's very clear that we have enough talent up front to put a ball in the net.


I am not annoyed about GTF coming because he is fat, old and well past his best. The most concerning thing is why even bother wasting energy to find a striker for the last few months ?

He can mix it up upfront with Nuhiu, May, Maguire, even Maghoma and Drenthe or Helan could rotate with strikers to mix it up during games. He has LOADS of options up top.

Just scour every prem club for central midfielders to create spark and just make a difference from the very below average offering we have at the moment.

If Gray relied on Lee and Hutch to stay fit with their track records he is an idiot.

Even just 1 or 2 average prem midfielders would at least give fresh options on the middle and would not cost the earth if out of 25 man Prem squads. They would be hungry to impress, unknown to opponents in the championship and could give that space we need to create

Stale and uninventive.

I am a big fan of Gray but his decision making/thought process on this really worries me for his long term prospects.

MM - "do we need strikers to score Stuart? "

SG - " no, I just need to work 24 hours a day to find one/two midfielders to feed them. Job done.

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One of the best videos I've ever seen

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