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Hip hop thread


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Whether you are or not, anyhows. 


I'm into my rap battles, and most of them also produce rap/grime/hip hop music. Loads of free EP's going about. All UK based too. Support your local poet and all that. 


Try some of these, just search for them on twitter and you will find their stuff



Cee Major



Verb T

DJ Semtex

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So let's get this party started...





1. In Full Gear 2. DBC Let The Music Play 3 .Freedom Or Death 4. Float On 5. Stet Troop '88! 6. Pen & Paper 7. Music For The Stetfully Insane 8. We're The Band 9. Rollin' Wit Rush 10. This Is It, Y'all [Go Stetsa II] 11. Extensions 12. Sally 13. Talkin' All That Jazz 14. It's In My Song 15. The Odad 16. Miami Bass 17. Showtime 18. Talkin' All That Jazz [Dominoes Vocal Remix] 19. Talkin' All That Jazz [Dominoes Instrumental Remix] 20. Talkin' All That Jazz [Dim's Radio Edit Remix]



Historical value...




Not strictly Hip Hop but very influential...



Major Malfunction is a wild, multifaceted piece of contemporary music that welds hard rock onto reggae onto musique concrete. With vocal sampling including everything from Apollo control to Margaret Thatcher, this is a complex, but extremely satisfying work. Avoid if your taste in music doesn't run to the extreme end of experimental.

Progressive Music Classics.

The tragic explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger inspired many touching speeches, books and works of art, which paid tribute to the lives of the astronauts who died in that disaster in 1986.
But one work of art that took a different approach to the tragedy was Major Malfunction by the great Keith LeBlanc, who has often been associated with experimental/sound collage/dub.
"Major Malfunction" was released not long after the Challenger tragedy. A major theme is the scary implications of rampant, out-of-control technology. And although I may be wrong, my interpretation of this piece is that LeBlanc saw something in the Challenger disaster that was very sinister and yet undefined at that early date.
As it turns out, LeBlanc was correct . There was something sinister about the Challenger disaster. However, it took many more years for the truth to start to emerge.

Keith LeBlanc

The Challenger disaster happened in the middle of doing this LP .
I did it in London Strapped to a two track half inch tape machine with headphones on my head in the same room that Adrian Sherwood' Skip McDonald and Doug Wimbish and me were mixing and cutting tracks for the friendly as a hand-grenade LP. I sat at that tape machine and edited this work for about four days with Adrian mixing his ass off behind me .
There was no outrageous gear used to do it.
All we had at the time was a dmx , ams delay, drums ,guitar , bass and a studio.
The material contained within this LP Came from tracks we had done and I stripped them down to just my beats . Then Adrian did dubs of my beats and little bits of the track and I cut it up and then edit it all together .
Nobody really new what I was up to till it was finished.
Well maybe Skip McDonald did. I left him with a beat and a Mark Stewart vocal sample on it and the next morning I awoke to Object subject... Skip did all the music on that beat with just a guitar and an ams delay lol . I thought I should put it up as it was meant to be . You play side one and its non stop till the end. Same thing on side two. Ground breaking at the time.
There are so many cut up bootlegs of it on you tube with crap sound. I decided to but up the real deal ...Enjoy

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