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What game are you playing?


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New thread.


Hotline Miami

What a game! That'll teach me to ignore the hype.


Battlefield 4.

It's good, but I'm terrible at it. Just terrible. Any tips?

Lego Marvel.

Surprisingly great little game! Was pleasantly surprised by the huge cast, the humour and the open world. When you sky dive off the heli-carrier into an open world NYC, you realise that this is bigger than your average Lego game.

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Just finished Outlast.

"Enjoy" isn't quite the right word. I don't think I've played a more mentally tiring and stressful game in a long, long time. But I did love it for that.

Great game, but one I'm glad to get to the end of safe in the knowledge that I'll NEVER play it again.

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Steel diver


Just downloaded for 3ds. Its a f2p fps submarine game for anyone who didnt know.


It really shouldn't work what with the slow subs and torpedos, poor graphics, and lack of most of the bells and whistles you'd associate with an online shooter. But its actually quite good fun. Its only 4v4 team deathmatch at the moment but hopefully more modes will be added if it proves to be popular. Lobby morse code messaging is awesome as well.


Been getting stuck into kid icarus some more and the awkward controls are starting to click, replaying chapters on higher intensity for better weapons to fuse is pretty adictive. Struggle with anything above 6 though.


Oh and Mario 3d world champions road can get stuffed. Absolutely brutal.

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Guest Automatic Drip


I think I'm near the end.

Really good game, but so mentally intense. When I start playing it I get fully sucked in but at the same time can't handle playing it for too long at a time. I just end up a quivering mess by the end.

I can't even bring myself to download it.


I have a 2 year old son so I'd only ever play it late at night, when the family are in bed.


It's already psychologically bested me from just the trailer :biggrin:

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