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The NEW NEW Last Film You Saw Thread


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I went to the cinema to see Johnny English with a girl. I wanted to leave after half an hour. She said it was funny. I never spoke to her after that night.


I just didn't know why people were laughing. I'll never forgive Rowan Atkinson for that. It was worse, so much worse, than Mr Bean.

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Watched Real Steel last night


Standard ball of cheese in which an irresponsible loser puts his child in danger but nothing bad happens, he then ends up with a fit woman and everything is fine


Would like a giant robot boxer though, that might be fun



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Yeah watched the Vince Papale film with Marky Mark in it aswell.


I know its based on a true story,  but he gets divorced because he's crap at life, then his mates cousin turns up to the scummy bar where he works, and she just happens to be Elizabeth Banks, who's really hot, loves sports and just happens to be into mopey losers with no money who live in a bin


Films are great

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Curse of Chucky


I don't know what to make of this. I really enjoyed it, but at the same time sat thinking how crap it was. It was a typical Chucky film, but not so typical at the same time. The deaths weren't as good as past Chucky films, which was disappointing.


If you like the Chucky films then it's a good watch. If you don't, then just avoid.  It's left the door open for another, which I'll be buzzing to see.



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