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The NEW NEW Last Film You Saw Thread


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Has this thread gone walky bye byes aswell?!


If so then let's make this the new thread.




Texas Chainsaw (2013)


I like the way the story has gone from decapitate anyone for no reason to this. It does what many films (especially horrors) don't and explains the history of the tale and why it has carried on.


The real reason why I can't stop thinking about this film, and why I just want to watch it over and over is because of Alexandra Daddario. My good god! I knew that she was incredible ever since watching Percy Jackson last year, but honestly, I have fallen in love with this girl! She is just incredible!





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I imagine my views about how bad Anchorman 2 was might have closed down the last thread.
I went to see Dallas Buyers Club on Monday.
Brilliant film, both Leto and McConaughey were fantastic. Still shocks me in McConaughey's case. 



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I imagine my views about how bad Anchorman 2 was might have closed down the last thread.



It was truly awful though, doesn't even deserve a mark.



Watched Wolf of Wall Street last night, very decent - 8/10

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10 Years


Anyone else seen this ?


American High school reunion flick, but not done in the usual 'American Pie' genre , more serious and 'adult' . Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson amongst the cast


Saw it  few months ago and watched again.... There is no real story line other than old friends meeting up and past grievances being aired and nothing much happens by way of action , but there is a magical moment of the realisation of unrequited love that requires multiple viewings.  One of the best scenes of films I saw last year.  Although you do need to be a hopeless romantic at heart to appreciate.


7.5/10 . Not eveyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it and would recommend it ...

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Jack Ryan


Different take on the undercover agent type films in the sense that they don't portray him as invincible.


I really enjoyed it. Slow to get started, but when it was in full flow it turned out to be a very good, edge of the seat film.


I'd have given it a 9.5 last night, but have since forgotten a lot of what happened, so as it clearly wasn't as memorable as I forst thought it woukd have been.....





The Bank Job


I never tire of seeing this film. A good, gritty English film with the usual suspects.


I'd happily sit through it again now.



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