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Wrestling Thread


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More cuts by the Fed. Strowman might be the most unexpected in some time.


Pleased that we might see Tommy End in a company that will let him wrestle like he used to be able to in NXT and the indies. 

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Something must have happened with him. He's been in the main event the last month and he beat Shane at Mania. Rumours are he had a whopper of a contract but it still seems odd. If it is money what is going on? They made more money last year than ever before. Is Vince prepping to sell?


The Black one also seems strange given he's only just come back and started a program with Big E. 


This is the third or fourth wave of cuts recently after the ones including Samoa Joe and lots of backstage workers let go too. Definitely something happening behind the scenes.

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Potential match of the year on Takeover.


Fatal four way between Cole, Gargano, Dunne and O'Reilly (also featuring Karrion Kross) was tremendous.

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