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don't talk to me about scouting at ours , ,they tell you one thing then do another (example) villa scouted my lad and watched him for two years ,was trial'd for a week and offered a place at their academy if he proved is fitness , wrong decision's by his mother cost him ,(we weren't together at the time)and I didn't find out till later

swfc scouts have been to see him twice on two separate games 3 years apart , the first couldn't wait to get my lad in ,

unfortunately he got injured against Blackburn where the coach said he had some good touches before he was injured 25 minuits in , nothing heard for two years then told he was to old at the time of his trial ,development squad then se sent a scout out sometime later as he was old enough for the squad , scout was very fair on the one occasion he came ,gave the lad some good reviews and said it was like putting my lad on a Skegness donkey and asking him to win the national and would like to watch the lad against better opposition , which was fair enough ,then nothing again for a few months,when I contacted the youth development officer ,the scout had told him there was no one up to swfc standard ,so I was told a load of bollux by the scout in the first place ,or he dosent know what he is on about ,

and please don't think just because i'm his dad I say he deserves a place that's just not so, as better people than me who are up in the game can't believe he is still in amateur football ,this,is not sour grapes by the way I,m just a bit bewilder'd by it all ,

Who's your lad Trev?
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