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Losing £100,000 a week ? ...

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No we sold Chris O'Grady so we are now making £50k profit a week having being relieved of his Beckham like wages.

It is a shame we could not commercially harness the COG brand. The aftershave and underpants flopped as did the inflatable COG thighs.

We gambled and lost but at least he is off the wage bill. Phew.

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Wouldn't surprise me...

Think about outgoings of a football club.

First team wages (including Bonuses).

Development squad wages.

Management wages (Chief Executive etc.).

Football related staff wages (Manager, coaches, academy coaches etc.).

Medical staff wages (Physio's, club doctors etc.)

General staff wages (Groundsman, tickets office, receptionists etc.)

Fees, loan fees, agent fees etc.

Rental & housing of new players.

Stewarding costs.

Policing costs.

Cost of running Hillsborough (Utility bills, tax, rents)

Cost of running Middlewood Road (same).

Supplies (medical, kit, superstore, food, maintenance costs at Hillsborough and Middlewood).

Insurance costs and liabilities (including Players, Grounds, general staff, customers).

General maintenance costs.

Away travelling costs (team coaches & hotels).

Academy costs.

etc. etc.

Considering the amount of money that goes out on players wages (ridiculous amounts) and the limited income a football can generate its no surprise the vast majority of football clubs lose millions.

Sort player wages out and you'll sort (more than) half the financial problems that football clubs face.

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Luckily we have brought out our own luggage range, just after the summer, so hopefully we will start to see those figures improve...  lol

Wouldn't bet on it, you might lose your SHIRT! :biggrin:

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So we're replacing players on low money for our division ...... With even lower paid players ..... I can see where you're coming from ....

we're replacing players like Taylor with players who'll have their wages more heavily subsidised by parent clubs. So in a sense what you're saying is correct - even if you were actually attempting sarcasm.
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five million equates to a season building infrastructure.  


Does that mean five million recurring loss?  Or a single five million loss whilst the infrastructure is put in place?


It sounded like five million a year, but we all know Milan can make things sound how he wants them to sound.

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