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How do all.


Just a quick heads up. The new "Wednesday Week" show is up now and available on all of your favourite listening devices. Unless those are Vinyl, 8-Track or cassette tape.


And its free!


Any who, enjoy the show and constructive criticism is always welcome.


iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-wednesday-week-2012-13/id557839619?mt=2 â€¦

YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXAYjKugbCw&list=UU2_FmKP7VyIcoFV6rIT37oQ&feature=player_detailpage â€¦

Stream - http://twwcast.jellycast.com/audio/play/48 



Please feel free to contribute your opinion on twitter @TWWcast,  Facebook or email us at twwpodcast@gmail.com


Cheers All




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Guest dixeydearns14

Good laugh and constructive criticisms at its best Lord H, my only thought is to split it up into 15 min chunks so you can pick when you have time. Brill old boy.

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I was probably being slightly harsh. I'll give it another go, but the start was pretty tedious with one of the presenters saying how pissed he was at QPR.

To be fair the drunk chap is probably one of our best assistants and the rest of the pod really is like that, but we do like to prove how hard we are by what we can drink  ;-) 


This show is a bit of an odd one as we haven't do one in a  while with holidays and stuff.


Still, thank you for the comments and do let us know what you think of you listen to the rest.

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Got it on beyondpod. Will listen to it at the gym, don't really care it it's poo poo. It's the only regular swfc podcast right? People should do a rival one if they think they can do better.

I might do one with big guns, owen morrison and neil as part of the regular panel. We get much more listeners with the homo-erotic undertones, eh ladies?

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