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I'd prefer to look at the positives.



33 is not over the hill for his type of player.


He is the type we need.


He would be relatively cheap.


He has been an above average championship player throughout his career.


If he is fit, sign him up.....

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I have no problem with age , its just another old DJ lad. Again another job for an old mate of DJ , What is this club becoming ????


Do you really think if DJ had a budget he would be looking at the same players?






also, who are the other players in the squad from his 'old mates' club?

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He's only training with us, dont see the problem really, we have training facilities and he's a perfectly capable player, not like its really an imposition on anybody


If he does well and a space frees up in the squad, maybe we sign him, if not, who's lost anything?

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