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Are we close or miles away?

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Had we closed out the Leeds, Millwall and Boro games we would be on 9 points and a play off spot so arguably goal scoring is not our issue. It is closing down games and winning.

Part of me thinks we are not too far away from a reasonable mid table side.

However, when I watch the likes of Blackburn destroying Bolton and I see the quality of their players it feels like we are miles away. I feel the same when I see the QPR team and bench. We are a long way from being a top championship side.

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I love the optimism of our supporters, "had we done this", "if we had done that."

Points on the board tell us all we need to know, we are not good enough. Some of the players are not good enough and DJ is not good enough.

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How people can possibly think we are close is truly baffling. Our current squad (with some exceptions in defence and GK) is MILES away from being a solid mid-table Championship side.


Our strikeforce is the worst in the league, I'd rather James Hayter from Yeovil, COG from Barnsley, Robinson from Doncaster or Keogh / Morison / McDonald from Millwall. Lets not even get started on our central midfield, Jesus Christ, Coke and Prutton are about as ineffective as having me, bloody Potter and the ginger wotsit in there.


Add in the fact we have a chairman who now won't fund anything (it's glaringly obvious that we need some players MM), and we also seem to have a manager who doesn't only sign shit when he is given funds, but is losing the plot on a weekly basis. We're in big, BIG fucking trouble. I've pretty much wrote this season off already as a bottom six battle.

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