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Just got back/No pyro no party/The band

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Sorry to hijack the most common titles on the board, but all seem applicable.

Just got back from Sparta Praha vs Banik Ostrava (via a rum bar)

Have to say what a enjoyable experience. In Prague due to the better half of my relationship being from Cz, and much to her displeasure felt like a day at the Pilsner Factory should probably be rounded off with an Eastern Europe football experience. She disagreed, so did not come.

Although half full, the 8.15 pm atmosphere was good fun. The "ultras", were in good voice, with what seemed like an extraordinary amount of preparation. All sorts of banner, pictures, flag arrangements etc seemed to appear, along with a lot of flares and smoke. Because the other fans and fire brigade etc are expecting this, this seems to go off without any issues...

The small number of fans...I would guess 7000 made a lot of noise and will the constant drumming and instruction from the two giants with megaphones, created a tempo and pace for the game, which the home team ended up turning around from 1-0 to 4-1. I still believe that if done right the band have a role at Hillsborough.

I was surprised after being warned of the nature of the rivalry between the two teams ,that alcohol is freely available in the ground on the roof terraces next to them and is ALLOWED pitchside. I think that english football should learn that sometimes by just letting people make their own decisions and enjoy a drink whilst watching a game, it may make for a more lively enjoyable overall vibe to the match day experience.

This is my request to the club to please arrange next years pre season in Czech Republic. Cheap flights, accommodation, drink, internal travel etc etc makes sense for the fans and a level of football which if I am honest is pretty similar to the championship....Roman Bednar is the current Sparta hero...!!

Ticket - 300 crowns/ £12

Beer - pint - 35 crowns 1.50

Decent food, Sausage mustard plate thing 28 crowns 1.20

If your out here, get a game in...czech football seems to be slighty stale and this is supposed to be one of the biggest fixtures, bit it's worth it for sure!! Great value for visitors and given the defending on offer today, goals and not short to come by.

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