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Finally lost the plot

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Dodgy ground when you question DJ on ere

That doesnt bother me

You just gotta wonder whats going on

Id go as far as saying its the kind of tactics and teamsheet that youd introduce when:

1) you feel too safe in the role

2) you have run out of ideas

3) you have moved too far away from the basics


Owlstalk Shop




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Guest JonTheOwl66

This is what we should do:

Play a 4-4-2

Play two wingers

Play two strikers

Get the ball in the box

Keep attacking throughout the entire game

All these tactical changes and defensive set-ups just aren't working.

Go back to basics Jones.

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Guest wadsleyjackowl

Thing that worries me is the amount of players he's brought in that are realistically only good enough for the bench! Worrying.

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Guest Brammy (On The Move)

stuck with Jones since he came but i have to say i am starting to get frustrated

Nail, head, hit.

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