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Guirane N'Daw

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The Star reporting this (in a typically thorough and detailed article)...


Burnley and Sheffield Wednesday fight for Guirane N’Daw

BURNLEY and Sheffield Wednesday are in talks with Senegalese midfielder Guirane N’Daw, 29, who is a free agent.

Never heard of him; available on a free; big beast.....ticks all the boxes!

Was on loan at Ipswich from St Etienne last season. Lives there now (Ipswich) but alleged wife-beater. Appeared in court on 19th August.

Can't help thinking too much baggage there for Jones / Milan to get involved with this.

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Guest cypress hill

bloke gets sent to anger classes for knockin his wife about


1st session, the bloke tekin the class sez " why do you keep beating your wife up "


wife beater sez " cus i'v got more fancy footwork & a longer reach "

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Breaking news......

He has been cleared of assaulting his wife, as she...ahem....."didn't attend court to present her evidence".

I'm scared of him already..

"The 29-year-old Senegalese, who enjoyed a successful season-long loan spell at Portman Road last season, was cleared of assaulting his wife Bigue Ndiaye N’Daw, after she failed to turn up and give evidence at Ipswich Crown Court."

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Guest Distraught!

The police have turned their attention to his driving skills now.


They want to give him an N'dawsable Fixed Penalty Notice. :blush:

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Guest Distraught!

If it were true, and obviously it isn't cos he's been cleared, at least we'd have one player who knows what it's like to beat someone.


His new song should be:


"You'll never beat the missus".

Edited by Distraught!
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