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Martin Petrov lives on my street. I had wondered what he was up to. He had gone off to play in Spain on loan for the rest of last season but was then out of contract. The family are still living in the house.


It would be very odd to live almost next door to a Wednesday player.


I have met Martin a few times. A few years ago my wife and I were on a table with him and his wife Ralitsa at a neighbour's wedding anniversary party at the local golf club. He is a nice enough bloke although his English is not the best. His wife's English is better.


He is getting on a bit and maybe lost too much pace to be a flying winger for us. But he has tons of class and would definitely add something to our midfield.


If he does sign for us you've just volunteered yourself to give him a kick up the backside if he ever needs it.

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Guest 5512uto

Another 34/35 year old. Great. This club is so ambitious, I can't contain my excitement.


Heard we were signing di natale and totti, hope not cos signing players that old means we have no ambition

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Few rules of Owlstalk:

1) Get linked with a young, development squad player, shout why isn't the club investing in the first team squad in the here and now?

2) Get linked with a young player for the first team, question if he'll be able to handle the rough and tumble of Championship football, demand experience.

3) Get linked with an experienced, ex-Premier League player, bemoan the club for signing has-beens, we need to invest in the future, not someone who's past it.


Should cover it.


As for Petrov, if the deal is right (i.e. we aren't paying him silly money on a long contract) then it would be a great deal.  We have pace to burn in our current wingers, we need someone better on the ball for something different.  Petrov would bring this.   He could also play as the attacking central midfielder we are craving.

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He does sound like he could be a bit moody when we need a leader, but we do need a bit of know how in the midfield too I think, to calm things down and make the right pass.

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Another winger ??!!!

we need another winger like we need another flipping kop !!!

give me strength :sleep:

All our wingers have no composure or crossing ability though, they are all just quick and physical. At least Petrov would offer a touch of class and creativity which we so desperately need in the wide areas. But surely we could find better?

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Martin Petrov was training at #SWFC as a favour. Understand a deal was never in the offing.




cold water....Splooosh!


Strange that. My source..guy who cleans his cars.. always ITK car washers...has told him his agent is in talks with only one club and that is SWFC. He has not been to Sheffield yet!! Stumbling block would appear to be wages as usual. Was apparently on 35k per week at Espanyol and Bolton. Lives in Hale Barnes and was asking how long it would take him to travel to Sheffield.

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