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Transfer deadline predictions

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With the transfer window closing Friday, this should halt our hectic summer recruitment. So how will DJ spend his war chest this week?

So just for fun what are your deadline week predictions?


Taylor-- Loan to Port Vale

Corry- Loan to Tranmere

Antonio- sold to crystal palace


Ben Marshall permanent

Tyrone Barnett- loan

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Guest wilyfox

But replacing him with ben10 would be great.


Would depend how much we got for him, surely?

Adding Marshall would be phenomenal. Offsetting that against the loss of Michail wouldn't be so good. Reda and Antonio are our most influential players. The majority of what we do well goes through them. I wouldn't want either to leave. It would be foolhardy.

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Hopefully a couple out, Taylor definitely if possible and I can see DJ wanting rid of Semedo if offers come in as the only senior players to go. Possibly development players like Corry or Lavery more likely though.


Doubt anyone will be in, we will wait until the loan window opens as usual. Forget Marshall or anyone decent, will be budget signings or those where the parent club subsidise wages.

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