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If the derby was next week...

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I think he would stay in Hampshire all week. Turn up 10 mins before kick off and say 'it is just another game'

We would lose 9-0 and he would be far too still.

Post match he would mention badgers. But more importantly he would refer to the fans as 'they'

Megson would arrive and windmill him.

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Guest drdrakeuk

We would win easily as we have better players and a better manager. I know weve not started great but have you even seen their results. I would love to play them now, be an easier game than we will have the rest of the season

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We would batter them first half,but somehow go in only one up through poor finishing and bad luck.

We would then play 6-3-1 in the second half and they would get a late equaliser as we give away the initiative.

DJ would then blame everyone bar himself.

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Guest dunellaowl

Why has the OP been negged for asking a simple question?

Dj would approach it the same way negative like most of these sad tvvats on here!!


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