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Football Manager snobbery

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A good article about Football Manager from todays G2 section: http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/aug/21/football-manager-craze-lionel-messi

As most of us know already Football Manager can be a great tool to find out about players due to its massive database constributed by thousands of scouts. Granted it can be wrong sometimes (Adu, Lita, Mattock) but other times it can be spot on.

I remember on CM2 buying a 16 year old player called Henry from Monoco for 500k bloody created a great partnership with Andy Booth. I'm sure we all have a lot of great stories about people we signed before they became the dogs testicles in real life and please share.

Anyway my point is when people say stuff like 'it's only a game' have little idea about FM itself. It's kind of like when people dismiss something being true because it's on wikipedia (of course there's a lot of sh!t on that too but it's still a good indication of the truth).

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Guest cypress hill

don't play em, but for them who do, can you have a look for 2 central midfielder's who can pass & get stuck in ( like souness ) and let s.w.f.c know a.s.a.p. also they'v got to be about 3 bob. cheers

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Guest GrahamHydeFanClub

Championship Manager 01/02


Signed Justin Walker, a CM workhorse from Lincoln City for Man Utd, he was fans player of the season not long after. Cost 250k





Also the legend that was, Tó Madeira!!!!

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Guest trusty_left_peg

Think it was the 99/00 edition where you could get Zlatan Ibrahimovic dirt cheap from Malmo and he developed into a world-class striker.

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