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Atdhe Nuhiu: "Ich hätte Rapid weiterhelfen können"

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The Google Translate versions are bloody awful. That's a bit unusual. They aren't usually attrocious, just not very "natural". Anyway, the title means: "I could have helped Rapid (Vienna?) more". More correctly: "I still had work to do at Rapid"

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Other than that, I can't get the bleeding article to load up so you won't have the benfit of my incomparable knowledge of austrian German. Meh.

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Here's the REAL version:


World Football: Hi atdhe. How are you, have you yourself already well settled in Sheffield?

Nuhiu: Thank you, very well. It all fits. The city is a bit grey but also great. There's more crime going on than in Turkey.


You had several options in the summer. Why did you switch to Sheffield Wednesday?

Crucially, the coach Big Guns has me absolutely wanted, can't understand a word he say's like the scouse get, I've since looked at the whole thing and I liked it immediately. In England, it's not necessarily that easy,but they have Nandos, just to get a foothold and then I trust the coach was very important, and he like's badgers and foxes which Is always going to please me too.


Was a return to Rapid (Note: The Hütteldorfer would have been an option) still an issue for you?

Of course! I think I'd Rapid sure can help very well. I do not know who ultimately decided not to exercise its option. I have very good footballing and sheep buggering developed in Turkey, so it would have been great if someone had not seen my Rapid progress before the decision is made not to exercise its option.Because I believe there was never anyone in the stadium of Rapid live there.


That sounds wistful.

I have the Rapid-shirt always worn with pride, easy to wash and drip dry too and so I hope that I will wear the green and white dress in my career again, but not In that dump scotland. Statistics on the leaves I could not enter unfortunately in Turkey so often was with my presence, but certainly often play crucial because I did not free 32 games.Even as a man I was there, I think further developed. And now I hope to take the next step in my career in Sheffield before a bigger club with ambition buy me like Leeds, have Turkish friend In Burngreave, he drive me up the M1 to nicer city.


For many, England, the mother country of football, a dream. For you?

Yes. I want absolutely to the Premier League to watch a few matches.


Goes with Sheffield Wednesday or is just a stop for you?

You can not tell at all, chairman very tight and hide his wallet In Rottweilers mouth, i had to pay my own taxi to stadium from midland station after ride on big Iron horse from London village that I also have to pay myself as old man sayon phone "bubble bubble get un-workable I pay £3.50, no more, no less, bubble bubble". In the Championship it's so tight here that there is absolutely no favorites or relegation candidates, but loads of flares and smoke. Since everything is possible. There are so many games. If you lose two or three times, you're back in there and you win two or three times in a row, you're right back up.You need only look at what happened to Wolverhampton City last season, they now In fizzy pop league with other rubbish teams. Were passed.


You have lost twice at the start. You are in the club already nervous?

No, not at all. I certainly do not notice. Furthermore, I did not play badly, rest of team did, they crap, and twice unlucky to not get lynched by angry fans and 12 nerdy looking kids shouting at men with trumpet and drums whilst bouncing like little fairies. Fat scouser say we go to New York, was dissapointed with New York trip as see no yellow cabs or nice shops, just empty factories and pylons.


What is it like to play in Hillsborough?

So I must say, the atmosphere is cool and quiet, all fans seem a bit edgy and angry, strange fat bald woman In blue bra take my pictures, me not understand what he mean by polkadodge. But I thank God that lucky to play at Rapid, where the fans of course are incredible. Similarly, in Turkey, the atmosphere was great.


Your goal against QPR was more "atypical" for you. You have two, three opponents already have to play outside of the Sixteenth tithes before you slammed.

Right. But the coach driver has already told my players that they should push my strengths in the penalty area and we train accordingly once a week and chat aboutIt for 6 hours a day In Nandos. On the other hand, you have seen with my goal against QPR that I have developed since the departure of more rapid. The philosophy of the coach it's that we play football even though we not up to It.


But the Championship is already well known for it's rustic down to business. Or is that just a myth?

No, that's absolutely correct. When duel pulls back as no. It also knows every decision that the referee whistles hardly right, they hate sheffield. So you need to give her anything whilst she tied to old Iron radiator my new friend reda give me that advice and some handcuffs, that's clear.


You have successfully kicked the Austrian U21 national team. Visited you from ÖFB someone in Turkey, or called in recent times?

No. Since it has been given no contact. I can only say that I am willing to wait and whether someday who is calling, but rubbish signal In phone I bought from a man who looked too orange.


Maybe yes whoever calls on the Albanian Football Association? Who are in the WC Qualifiers currently second.

That may be. Let's see who is faster, the fox or the badger, i steal that from fat quiet shell suited man with strange accent, he also always at our games, but not react much.


That is, you do not care what country you aufläufst?

Regardless, it is not me. I was focused in recent weeks on me and I do not busy myself with the topic. I am now even here in Sheffield to develop myself. At 24, I still have all the options. One of team mates teach me how to drink, fight in bars and punch horses soon, he bit busy at moment though.


Luke Königshofer trained with also with you. Have you got the slide out?

One can not say that as they use it as ITK gossip on online forum full off nobbers called owlstalk. But they have already asked me for my opinion and I told them that he is a good goalie and is cheap, old serbian owner man liked that when he collected my rent . If he gets the chance, he can also develop safe here. But there is no decision on commitment like that I know of.

"rubbish signal In phone I bought from a man who looked too orange" :tango: 


Comedy genius steveger 

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