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Dave Jones - Time is running Out.

Guest LeamingtonOwl

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Guest LeamingtonOwl

I honestly don't know how much longer Milan will put up with Jones. I think he must be as fed up as the fans with his constant excuses.

Starting with the Jay Boyhroyd saga Jones has made one bad decision after another. He is getting more decisions wrong then right. His man management leaves a lot to be desired. If you take Chria Maguire as an example, he has been unbelievably badly handled. In 45 minutes yesterday Maguire looked immense. It was hardly a shock as Maguire always looks good, the only difference is he was given more then ten minutes to try and make a difference. We all know he should start upfront with the big man next game, my complete and utter lack of confidence in Jones sees me doubting this, if he does start he will play him on the wing, which would be the wrong call.

Miguel Llera. Has been replaced again for no reason. Llera and Gardner had a great partnership and had Lllera been playing yesterday at least one of their goals would have been prevented and he probably would have scored. Shocking treatment again.

Floro, he has probably ruined that young lads career by thrusting him into a game he was no where near ready for, he even saw at Rotherham three days earlier. He had Helan an actual left back available and he knew Floro would come up against Ross Wallace, one of the best wingers in the division. Again shocking call.

Playing Semedo and Prutton together in centre midfield at home. This does not need explaining.

On yesterday's showing Magohma did not look like a good player, so we can add that to his growing list.

He did not get up ofnhisarse arse once yesterday, this lack of passion is filtering onto the pitch.

The Answer? Get rid and bring in POYET!!

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