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Do we have a plan B?

Guest Fedor

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No, we were talking about this in the pub today.

Jones has got 4 pacey wingers in the squad and all of them are very hit and miss when it comes to an end product. If the plan to beat teams with pace fails, we have very few options to change things.

On Tuesday night for example Jones took off Maghoma and replaced him with JJ... how does that change things?? It's replacing like for like and keeping the same old failed game plan.

Rather than have 4 pacey wingers, we should have had 3 and one who offers something different (like an end product) so that we can change things around and if needed provide better service to our striker(s).

A player in the type of mould of Keith Treacy or Ben Marshall would have been ideal.

And now we find ourselves in a position where we can't change anything because it's "one in one out".

All points to a second summer on the spin where Jones has made constant mistakes during recruitment. Sometimes I wonder just how good a manager Jones really is.

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Guest Sniper1

Helan, Maghoma, Antonio and JJ run 60/70 metres is Plan A.


Plan B will be back to playing 2 fullbacks outwide, promble is we dont have fullbacks to play fullback so we will have to wait for now.

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Sounds a bit condescending, but I also wonder if our players are 'thick' ...


The amount of times today, a ball got clipped to Maguire's head, or aimed aerially in his direction and not the much taller Nim Nim was staggering.... all the defence and Prutton were doing it regular ... sometimes from set plays !


Also, we are so bad at allowing people out of trouble situations..... opposition players, facing their own goal, stuck near their own corner flags and we give needless fouls, or silly tackles in haste..... It's so easy to see that a player is looking for the 1st small nudge and he's going to give his best Tom Daley ...

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Guest Distraught!

Get ready for this season's installment of cliché bingo. I wondered how long it would be before "No Plan B" showed its ugly head. Have we had a "He's lost the dressing room" yet?

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