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An honest appraisal of the season ahead and a cheerio from me.

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I have become known as a bit of a staunch DJ defender but i want to try and be as balanced as i can about our prospects this season.


Whilst DJ is not a staunch idealist with his approach to the game (he reverted to a defensive counter attacking style to get us results), it is obvious he doesn't want us to be that kind of team going forward.


He wants us to play possession football and will be trying to implement that this season. We saw how risky that can be with untried players at the start of last season and there is a big worry that in trying to make this happen, we will become open to being out fought by teams who come to get balls into the box and out muscle us.


Players like Mccabe, Nuhiu , Mghoma, Corry, Maguire and possibly Palmer, whilst having obvious quality need to step up and prove their battle hardness. We need to win the right to play, it is no good trying to be cultured when players are not winning the 2nd ball in midfield.


I do think Mccabe, Madine, Corry, maybe Maguire need to go and get games in league one before they make the step up this season. The match against Rotherham was a rude awakening in that regard. It could be argued Madine has already done that but for me, he is way off being the standard required for this league.


With regard to scoring goals, as it is I think we could struggle. I would like to hope that Nuhiu will be a revelation but defenders are not stupid, they will suss him pretty quick and if he cannot hack the battle that his champioship football he will quickly lose confidence. We don't have enough goalscoring midfielders, hopefully Maghoma will fill a void in that respect but we desperately need a player who can chip in from central positions.


Defensively we are strong with our first choice back 5 but the question lies on whether they can stay fit.


We have lots of pace and we have a good defense but we need to have a very strong work ethic and have players who can put the ball in the net. Here's hoping that it will come together sooner rather than later.


Otherwise we will have to repeat last season and I'm not sure DJ really wants to go down that route again.




In other news, I have decided to make this my last thread on Owlstalk after about 7 years of posting under this and my last username, zenowl. 


It is the best owls message board on the net and I have loved being part of it and all the debates and even the little squabbles too. 


I have just become aware that my obsession with wednesday is dominating my life and I spend far too much time on here refreshing pointless threads so I've decided to draw a line in the sand. I wanna go back to supporting us on matchdays and allowing other thoughts into my mind, not just wednesday.


So cheers everyone, some top posters on here,


Enjoy the season.







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Beholders never recovered from proclaiming Pecnic to be the new messi .


TBH though i only visit this site now and have a quick flick through the threads most of it is full of i want it now merchants not understanding or caring where we were just a couple of years ago 

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Fair play Beholder. Shame to lose a reasoned poster... never thought I'd be saying that after the Allen/Zenowl days  :cool:


Could do without this section myself. It's an absolute shiithole but I'm a lifer now. Save yourself if you can.


See you in a few weeks then yeah.



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Agree with your thoughts on the season ahead beholder.

Hopefully we will have learnt a bit from last season, if we can make sure were not too open we should have a steady season which will banish a few demons amongst the fanbase.

There's no way you'll stay off here though if you have an opinion!

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