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Full backs

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Loanees required. Buxton and Reda both a fortnight from being close to a return and even then wont be match sharp. Lee/Mattock out for a couple of months. Palmer/ Floro arent the answer. Id put Helan/Semedo there if we cant get anyone else in


Semedo Zayatte Gardner Helan

Coke McCabe

Antonio Maguire Maghoma


Nothing wrong with that temp defence but man we'd get slaughtered with that side

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Bet Hayden White's a bit gutted. Serves him right for chasing the money, he would have had a chance to shine. Hope it doesn't work out for him. Not bitter or owt.

Don't feel too bitter, from what a couple of people I know within BWFC have told me they seem to regret pinching him off us now. Comments such as "hopeless" and "the lad looks like he has never seen a football in his life".


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Is it just me who thinks Reda's a liability and not a natural choice for fullback? His odd goals have made him a cult hero and beyond criticism?


When Reda plays we generally win, so it really doesn't matter if he's a "liability" etc, he's a point magnet apparently...

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We haven't had a bonafide full back playing for us week in week out since Franck Simek.


Explains a lot really, especially when you look at how we've been conceding goals over the last three years.

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