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New York Stadium & St. Helen's rugby stadium


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rothbiz%2Bnew%2Byork%2Bstadium%2Bgmi.jpg                                  must have got 'em from the same shop!


FAO 'Alan Lee' who thinks rovrum's new stadium is unique... :biggrin:

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Guest Briggsy

The difference is the bottom one gets crowds.

Whenever I've seen Saints on tele it's been half empty!! The stadiums look similar outside but are totally different inside.

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Guest PrincessWendy

Oh, that is a bit eerie! Not a bad look, though (she said, grudgingly).


It makes me glad we have our classic old stadium, though. We are Vienna to their Belgrade (though, if you've been to Belgrade, then that is a bit harsh on Rotherham)!


Bless you

HRH Wendy

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I live between St Helens and Wigan so everyone around here is either a Saints or Wigan fan. One of the building firms that built Langtree Park was a Wigan based firm so their workforce were pie eaters. Some of them buried a Wigan shirt under where the tunnel is so everytime saints run out, they cross the shirt of their biggest rival.

There's a vid of it on YouTube but I'm on my phone and it's being slow so I can't get the link. It's called "wigan shirt burial at langtree park" for those who want to search and laugh at it.

True story.

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