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Owlstalk 11 a side: 'B' team

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Following on from the success of the 7 a side tournament, Kivo has sorted an A team to play and has asked me to sort a team. I'll need to get another 15 players together and obviously you need to be fit enough to play a full game if needed  :tango:  :seth:


Owlstalk 'A' 16 man squad

1 GK - Alteredge

6 DF - Lloyd, Bez, Euse, GingerMourinho, EatMyGOAAAALLLL, Chriss

6 MF - smhouston, Harry, Lawrie Maddens Hump, SiJ, Kivo, cragtheowl

3 FW - barmyowls1212, sharpey, tom


Basically (if it gets sorted properly), we will play an 'A' vs 'B' play-off and then the winner will go on to hopefully play against an OwlsOnline team - all for charity.


If anyone is interested then let me know in this thread (let me know which position you want to play) and hopefully this can get sorted sharpish.

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Guest UpTheOwlsss

No age requirements, just got to be prepared for a proper game that's all.

SiJ you've been selected by Kivo for the A team

Ill see

Where is it at like and any idea on the date?

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Guest SouthStand Gentleman

Ill definitely play but it depends when I'm around. I can play up front or on either wing. I'm fast and decent on the ball, but not very strong!

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I'd flipping love to play for an Owlstalk 11 a side.. But I'm injured at the moment.


You hardly ever mention this. 


no probs jon even if you play with crutches you will manage mate ,


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