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Quiz question..

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I'm asking our forum the same thing. 



Let's see who gets it right, first. 




Barnsley FC. 


Sheffield Wednesday. 


Leeds United. 




Of the 3 Yorkshire clubs above, one of them is the odd one out. Why? What is it that makes them unique out of the three? 


*cue lots of genial banter* 



But seriously, I'll make it simpler (and encourage more banter no doubt) and say that Barnsley are the odd one out. 


But why? 




And yes, there could/will be a million different answers but I'm looking for one particular answer. 



I will donate a fiver to any Owls fan who answers correctly, to a charity of their choice, so long as they post me a link to do it.


Can't be fairer. 




Told you I was trying to be more grown up on here. 






You horrid deedar basterrrds.  gary megson

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Barnsley have only ever had one manager in the top flight

Leeds United are the only team not to be relegated from the top flight, with Danny Wilson as manager

The other two teams got through a Premiership season following the rules, but we're Sheffield Wednesday and we did what we wanted.

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Barnsley are the only one of the three clubs with a supporter who found out some obscure fact about their club being in the top flight so came onto one of the other clubs message boards to boast about it turn it into a quiz.

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