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At least we are Coventry

Guest Hatchethazza

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You got to be thankful for hillsbrough and i wouldnt want to see us leave EVER. All these posts about us moving to a 45k capacity stadium can flip off as it would only finance itself if we were a top ten prem side and filling out every week

We would make even more of a loss and end up like coventry

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Guest Sweet&TenderOwl

Feel sorry for Coventry's fans. Hope things turn around for their sake.


Newport County were exiled for a while and they had to start again after going bankrupt.

Now they've got a Lottery winning owner, they're back playing in their hometown (hell-be-it in a rugby ground) and they've finally got back in the Football League.

Plus there was Wimbledon and others.


I'd hate for us to move out of Hillsborough.

It needs doing up but we should hang onto our history.

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Guest dunellaowl

Like coventry, great fans, they been treat like poo poo! Another example of money men looking for a quick quid!

Fvckin' terrible!!

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I saw an article on the BBC which said the Ricoh owners had offered the stadium FOC for next season so why have they chose to pay to play at Northampton ?


I've a mate who's a Cov fan, it's a long long story. Sisu (or however it's spelt) have been trying to fleece the club, gain ownership of the ground. That's why the playing side of the club is split from the ownership. The council own part of the ground. Sisu havnt paid rent for 18 months. But own part of the ground. So they can offer all they want, the council and other owners of the ground won't let them play there.

Most clubs in the area have realised getting a rent check isn't going to come, Northampton havnt realised that yet. The Coventry board think they're gonna average 7,000 gates - 50 miles from home. Northamptons ground only hold 7,500 and most Coventry fans now refuse to go until Sisu are out of the club completely.

They have a minimal squad, will average crowds of around 1,000 (most of which will be away fans). They're done. 12 months and i expect them to fold. It's a shame for a famous old name, but my mate has said he wants a club he can be proud to be associated with again and has honestly said he'd prefer that to be AFC Coventry in Northern Premier.

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