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Danny Pugh

Guest JamesSwfcOwl

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Guest Sheff Owl

Not sure what Pugh would offer - way to slow to play at full back and way to slow to get forward and back on the wing + we have Maghoma, JJ, Antonio and Mayor for the wings.

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He's experienced, is a bit of a utility player and has a decent delivery. If I'm honest it's not the most exciting signing, but as we saw last season the low key ones were often the most valuable.

I wouldn't take too many from Leeds though. Let them off load their ageing squad on someone else.

Don't we have



Floro (unproven granted).

Would have thought that'd be enough.

Reading between the lines, perhaps Mattock is being moved on?

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Guest wilyfox

Danny Pugh is the one loanee I realllllllly hope we don't get back. Yes he's versatile and can play diff positions - but second rate in all of them, sadly.

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I would be very disappointed if we signed Pugh, would hope we can get better than him. I can't see Leeds wanting to keep him however, He's reportedly on 12k a week. Could be worse though, Steve Morrison who they've just loaned to Millwall is on 18k a week!

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