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"Your grounds to big for you" - unless your Brighton - Help please

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Nice to see the great Redfearn on your Avatar, Carbuncle. My boyhood hero.


Brighton's past does not compare with Wednesdays. Everyone knows that.   But as someone who has been to the Goldstone, the Withdean and also the Amex. I can say that I suspect Brighton have a brighter future than we have.    We can't even afford a proper scoreboard!!    They seem to know what they are doing.


Personally I hope they don't go up, cos it's the best away day in the Championship.   Just wish they'd sort the roads out round the Amex- it's quicker to walk back to Brighton pier than drive.


As for attendances, of course they have a lot of glory hunters.  But I can remember us struggling to get 10,000 in the Len Ashurst days.

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Well there you have it..capacity is without expansion...I probably could have wiki'd that myself. Thank you for your efforts.


In more attendance news.....the harsh reality of Blades inability in the playoffs was on full view in their first leg the other night


Sheffield united vs yeovil town - 

Yeovilnpower League One Att. 15,262




12 May 2005

19:45 Sheffield Wednesday 1–0 Brentford HillsboroughSheffield

Attendance: 28,625


It must hurt so bad being a porker

not sure pal but we didnt get 28+ hat night  when JPM scored more like 20ish apologies if wrong

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