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Robbie Fowler

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As I recall, wan't he training with us at one bit? 


When I think back to all the times we were struggling for goals, it makes you wonder what impact Robbie would have had if he'd have been given some game time. Could he have been used as an impact player, would we have been safe sooner had DJ given him a chance or was it a good decision by DJ not to play him but use his knowledge and experience on the training ground?

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Guest PenangOwl

I saw Fowler play in the Thai Premier League a year or so back, he looked w@nk.

Him and John Barnes do this Liverpool soccer school thingy in Thailand and Indonesia. I met them on Abu Dhabi airport about a year ago. They have both certainly been enjoying the "street food".....I asked RF about the rumour he was training at Wednesday which he denied but he said he is just very good friends with Jones and we should think ourselves lucky for having Jones as our manager. Ray Wilkins was also there...

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I had to check - twice - that this post wasn't from five years' ago.


Have you seen Fowler of late? He was on the BBC final score on Saturday and looked as old and knackered as Mark Bright! Yes he knew where the goal was in his prime and had it not been for Shearer and Sheringham he would have been an England regular with his goal scoring record. But he's 38 and unlike Kev Phillips - who is a year older - Fowler has been absent from proper competitive level football for a good few years. I'd have taken him a couple of years back but not now.


There has to be better options for strikers, an unfit 38-year-old sends the wrong message in my opinion.

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