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Have we been too complacent?

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After the Millwall game, did we sub consciously think the job was done. Sure, all the right cliche's have appeared in the press but the players body language said something else. The casual approach to the early return of Stuart Holden to Bolton suggested that people thought we'd be fine. In fact the whole transfer window was a little underwhelming. When we had a chance to bring in some real game changers, we didn't take it. A patently unfit Holden seemed more about doing Bolton a favour than adding the creativity we desperately needed. Howard who has given his all, but is patently not good enough for championship football, or even first division football, was probably just seen as cover. Only Olofinjana was realistically going to aid our cause.

How can Milan state, categorically, that we won't go down? Even allowing for our improved results since Christmas, everything I've seen about this league and our performances tells me something different. I don't understand why the chairman would jeapordise his investment like this, unless he too is caught up in the complacency.

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At the time of the transfer window it was clear what we needed. We knew we would be without our match winner Antonio for the rest of the season. We needed a partner for Lita, preferably one with pace to compensate for the absence of Antonio. We also needed to get some creativity in there, someone to supply the bullets. Our dealings were well short of what was required, although I would say that Olofinjana was a bonus. An unfit Holden and an ageing Hartleppols striker did not go anywhere near addressing the problems.

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