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Here's one for the doom and gloomers... there's an OMEN in the air...

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Just read the thread and immediately thought the same as AH.

A load of home games postponed for obvious reasons.

Just for the life of me I cannot remember who the last game was against. Norwich?

UTO :biggrin:


Yeah Norwich at home midweek, we drew 2-2 I think. Seem to remember David Reeves scoring one.

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Omens count for nothing, this day in 1929, Wednesday were crowned champions of England! And on he same day in 1935 a 4-2 victory over West Brom at Wembley made us Fa Cup winners to! And we still managed to lose! However, i am, as ever, the optimist and will go to the boro game sure of the 3 points! Uto

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Remember when we went down/stayed up at home on the last day of the season against Palace/Norwich.


God that was awful/great.

It's going to/not going happen again isn't it.


Yes/no.   You are totally correct/wrong of course.

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