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What does the League Table tell us ?

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Guest D.J.Nick1212

It tells us something, Saturday WILL NOT be a drawn match!

Oh also we could be the best team in Yorkshire come 3pm next Saturday ?

I don't think we will go above weeds or Hull? lol we could still be the best team in South Yorkshire! Definitely sheffield!
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Guest ben29

Tells us where all the teams are placed in the league with one game to go.

Squeaky bum time......poo poo just got serious

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Being in our own hands doesn't actually help that much (obviously better than not, but still). We've been playing so negative for the last couple of months or so that it's going to be difficult to change the midset and actually go all out for the win. 




Likely sequence of events (in my mardy just after a defeat head)...


Palace beat Millwall - meaning that Millwall stay in trouble, but Palace secure a top 6 place and might as well rest their better players for the play offs.

Peterborough beat Palace - fighting for lives Vs minds on the next game

Millwall beat Derby - fighting for lives Vs nowt to play for

Barnsley beat Huddersfield - greater need with the Udders now basically safe

Wednesday fail to score against Middlesborough - no attacking threat.



If this does happen, we'd be relegated regardless of whether Middlesborough can be bothered to score or not.  

Edited by George Whitebread
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