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Advice For Posh Away: Pubs etc

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Hey just thought id give some advice as i live in Peterborough on what pubs are best and stuff:

If your coming on train then as you exit the station you will see a car park on city centre to you right. head that way and you will soon find shopping centre if you want food and stuff.


Nearest to train station is drapers arms this is usually manly away fans. There is also Yates which the police usually like to dump the trouble makers in and escort them. These are all about 15 mins from ground depending on how drunk you are.


Nearer to the ground is Charters which is on the river, this is inside and has a large out door area. This is a mix but usually gets taken over when big clubs come down like Wednesday, very good if theirs nice weather but can take a while to get served. 5 min walk to ground.


Further down about 15 mins walk from train station and city centre is the cherry tree which also an away pub, never go in there so don't know much about it. There is also the peacock which is next to the KFC outside the ground this is a mix pub.


For parking there is quite a large car park outside the ground under the rail bridge. This is in between charters and the cherry tree


As for Peterborough talking to a mate at work and they don't have many injuries just Little there quick strong right back but he may be fit and Bostwick who wont be fit and that's a miss for them. 


Hope everyone has a good day out and it should be a cracking atmosphere in the terrace UTO!!


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Guest intercity0wl

Charters sounds good to me

It is, especially outside in good weather, but alas the forcast aint that good, but as the OP stated it does get very busy, and is a right pain to get served when we are in town, so best off ordering more than a pint at a time the later in the afternoon it gets.

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