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Peterborough Train Return Opinions

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Afternoon all,


Im looking for opinions please for the train journey on Saturday.


Outwards is only about £20.00 but the return is about £50.00 which is ridiculous.


We usually have a mini bus but its full on this occasion.

What im thinking is, get a single down there and no ticket on the way back hoping the police throw everyone on the train like they do and not need a ticket? I never get the train so i was wondering what its usually like on the return journey. Do they ever ask for tickets?


Worst case i have to purchase a ticket at the station in Peterborough for the return journey.


Opinions will be appreciated.


Thanks a lot.



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Guest chapeltom

What I'm doing is splitting my tickets at Nottingham and Grantham, should not cost more than 35 quid return.

So Sheffield to Nottingham return, Nottingham to Grantham return and Grantham to Peterborough, outwards it will all be the same train, the way back you'll probably have to change at Nottingham.

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Guest Retfordowl74

get thee thumb out on A1 should be easy enough on both routes if you want to save a bob or two

Reminds me of port vale away at end if promotion season. Think it was bank holiday Monday night.

I got train there with a mate and had to hitch back, we just walked round car park asking for a lift.

A couple from north or south anston gave us a lift!!

Crazy days!

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Ive managed to persuade one the lads to drive so we can do it a bit cheaper. No idea how we managed to persuade him though but im not complaining.


I couldnt possibly make myself spend £70 on a train for an hour long journey simply because of the late kick off.


I cant wait for the party to begin now though!


Thank you for your opinions/help.



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Cheapest option I could find on train was about £39 return, but it was 2 changes on way home, unless you make the one at 19:20. So opted for Wednesdayite coach @£16. Will spend the £23 saved on beer on the day! UTO!!

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