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Who could hold their own

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The current squad In the premiership???


Kirkland - has experience ?

Mccabe - with experience ?

Reda  - Limited leftbacks to choose from ?


Who else is there?


Who could make it in the premier league?

Anyone who couldn't needs to go if we are to progress


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Reda - absolutely not (unfortunately)

McCabe - in time

Antonio - possibly, impact sub

Kirkland - yes

Buxton - would scrape by as a squad player

Holden & Olofinjana - yep, if they can stay fit

Helan - maybe in tme

the rest - not so much

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Guest Ratty-owl

I could hold my own

But i'd need both hands.


And still p1ss on eight fingers lol





Sorry Horny couldn't resist

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Kirkland yes.

Gardner a few years ago.

Antonio possibly in time, but not yet.

Nobody else, even some of our better players like Buxton are a long way off imo, just look at some of the players in QPR's squad ( not Bothroyd ) they've managed about 5 wins all season and none of our players would even get near their squad, the gulf in class is enormous.

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16 goals in 54 appearances for us. Can't remember a defender with a goal ratio like his

Christ! He's better than COG!!!

Bring him back!!!




Holden, who incidentally is no longer with us and wasn't ours anyway




COG has got 9 goals in 51 games but people still want to bring him back? Do me a favour

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Not many which is why we're 18th in the Championship, even though it has been a stupid league this season.

Kirkland could no doubt about that, in time I think McCabe will become a Premiership midfielder and some will laugh but if Madine got his head down and plays like he did against Barnsley on a regular basis it's not beyond him.

Antonio in my opinion is a certainty to play in the Premiership one day, he's only going to get better which is going to be scary to watch.

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