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Ipswich's goal

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Just seen the replay and Carlos Edwards left foot is well over the line so therefore a foul throw


From Law 15

At the moment of delivering the ball, the thrower: 
faces the field of play; 
has part of each foot either on the touch line or on the ground outside the touch line 
uses both hands 
delivers the ball from behind and over his head 

Any of these things not done properly, it's a foul throw.

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Guest JonTheOwl66

And you didn't run onto the pitch and tell the Ref because...?

You'd be banned for life.

FFS. Common sense.

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Guest owl from retford

Not sure what Llera was doing ball just seemed to go over his head had a awful game all round

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Guest HirstsGoaty

Could've should've , can't clutch at straws, that aside the ref and lines men were appalling

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Kirkland is my Player of the season, but that goal was his fault. No way should it have got that far without him claiming it.

Absolutely correct. He's a good keeper but has no command of his area, and any ball like that should have been his. He regularly makes similar mistakes. Blaming llera is ridiculous.

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