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Defending a Slender Lead

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Today is obviously a huge day for both clubs - a win should all but guarantee safety. I think what will be critical is how we approach the game should we place ourselves in the lead. Over the last few weeks we have seen the team drop deep to try and nullify our opponents attack. As good as this may be in certain situations (last 10 minutes of a game), we have seen this occur for the most of second halves recently. Affording your opposition the majority possession along with time and space is more or less gifting them myriad opportunities to score. Points have been dropped against both Bristol City and Leeds this way, so here's hoping DJ goes out to win this game with a bit of ruthlessness and attacking prowess. 


Building a two goal margin is crucial in my opinion, so I believe we should go searching for that two goal cushion. We are at home, hopefully a decent atmosphere. Let's put them on the backfoot and give them hell. They are going to have chances of course, but let's hope we limit them by us controlling the game for the majority duration. 


We have nothing to fear, let's chase that vital win that should guarantee us Championship status next season. 


In DJ we trust



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