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Usual crowd and Steward problems in Blackpool ! When will the FSF do something about this ?

Guest Go For It Owl

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If a fan is drunk it comes under health and safety for being refused admission.

If he can't walk straight as stated above and falls down the stairs what do you think will happen, the drunken guy will then sue the club for his injuries.

Just for the record the very same thing happens at Hillsborough at the away end and anyone deemed drunk is refused admission by the stewards backed up by the Police if the fan does not agree and kicks off.

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Guest Deleted member

Was stood next to a very good steward, he kept the aisle clear, pointed fans who couldn't see because Wed fans don't sit down in the direction of some seating at the front of the Press Box, and was generally good natured and friendly. as was his supervisor.

He likes Wednesday, is a mat of David Lucas

Shook hands with several fans who had spoken to him when we were leaving and wished everyone a safe journey and a 'hope to see you next season'

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Guest Big Guns

It's only the fans who had a drink who got hassle

Not the ones who get police escorts straight to the ground boozless

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