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Jj's Upset The Leeds Scum

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I work in Leeds & they're really upset with JJ's goal celebration. They reckon he was giving it çlarge' in front of their fans after he scored. Apparently their stewards are gonna report him for incitement. Sad, sad people. Cant wait to wear my lads JJ shirt at work tomorrow. Vile animals the lot of them

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Guest intercity0wl

Someone actually complained to stewards about that behind me. Made me cringe

Unbelievable aint it, games gone soft on and off the Pitch.

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Complete tools the lot of em, as the saying goes "If your brave enough to give it - then you should be man enough to take it".

I actually thought paddy was gonna erupt at one stage in the second half, thought all the stick he was getting was actually starting to grate on him, but then he made it quite clear to us when they scored, especially their second with his actions, do you hear us complaining, well apart from that person behind Senwar.

Tek it ont chin ya scrubbers!


Also anyone remember Paddy mooning us at Hillsborough?

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