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Under 16’S Tickets Yesterday ...

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Who got away with buying an under 16’s yesterday then, and how old are you?

Me and the lads are 21 and got away with it, glad we all scammed the scum for £19 each.



is there a machine that scans it at elland road or is it some bloke doing it mate?

get away with it a few times when it's u18's, as most are automated with some bloke manning it who sits on his phone lol

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Guest Harry the Owl

I got away with it. Had to go through about 5 rows of stewards.

They wouldn't let the woman frisk me, had to be a man.

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Guest christheowl

I did...and I am 24. I wasn't paying that ridiculous price and I was prepared to take a risk.


Anyway as I was walking in a steward shouted "Oi you, come here", I walked up and he held his hand out without saying a thing. There was an awkward 5 seconds of the steward just stood there with his hand out before I said "I haven't got any change mate", he told me he wanted to see my ticket, and asked me how old I was and what my date of birth was. I told him 15 and 5/1/1998...he said he knows I am lying but I was the first person to get it right and let me past. So I take it a few people didn't get in with them....


ohh and I think I had my ticket checked at least 5 times before I got to my seat, I was half expecting to show it to go for a p!ss.

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