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Failed again to stop a ball coming into the box for a goal, past two away games its happened now, millwalls first and Leeds equaliser, needs sorting

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Guest TheYoungOnes

Also happened at Bristol .

We do let let the ball come into the box far too easy.


Players now a days are too happy to let the ball be crossed in. 

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Guest Sheff Owl

We have always seem to allow crosses to come in, we stand off and allow the ball to come across, it drives me mad.


We have had plenty of times to stop the cross but we just seem to put out a foot (half hearted) and it does nothing.


Would love to know how many goals we have conceded this season from headers which is awful to say we have a tall players.

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Guest TC OWL

This may not be popular here, but we have a few players in our team that we all love and they were immense in league one, but in reality, they are a pace off in this division. That's why we are where we are.

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