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Should Jj Get A New Contract?

Guest Reneowlsup

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of course, silly me.

I hope JJ fires on all cylinders until the end of the season.

However, if he gets another season at S6, he won't do jack until the latter part of next season again.

We would be far better investing time, money and effort on an up and coming prospect. If saying that makes me a pig, then you my friend are a moron.

as you stated, hope it's not another pecnik.

we know what we are getting with jj and at the moment, I can't see an affordable replacement for him.

going to agree with big guns on this one (faints) jj was doing well and was dropped to accommodate sloth. he's turning it on now we need him, as he always does, and we just can't afford to lose that.

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JJ started the season very very well. He then did a job at rightback when required and did very well. His reward for a good start to the season and doing the whole team part was to be bombed out of the team when we had a proper rightback to cover. We then went through the whole trying to get Both, infact let's not go there

JJ did a job in his position, did a job in another position and got sh@t on.

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