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Should Jj Get A New Contract?

Guest Reneowlsup

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with a lot of the out of contract players, what we can attract instead will play a big part and what kind of wages they are on.

buxtons a cert, almost irreplaceable.

iv yet to see a player in the football league to compare jj to. he's totally unique and when managed properly, ie given a run of games, is a game changer. we can't replace what he brings to the table, get him signed up but he MUST get used better next season

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Guest SouthStand Gentleman

Pay per play deal ala Francis when he signed for us?


Offer something like 5k per match, 5k a goal?


I would hazard a guess we'd end up paying out a similar amount to a regular  contract, but have a sightlely more consistent JJ


That is what, I suggest, have him on say, 1K a week with a 2K appearance bonus and a 5K goal bonus. 


But would that cause him to go for goal all the time? 

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Guest Boxing day

if dj had not dropped him to accomadate 'jay' things wud av been better


The realist knows his onions

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Yeah no harm in keeping him. Comes in handy during the season.

This free role he's now playing has helped his game no end. Only wish he'd been playing this position longer he's a million times more effective and consistent with out defensive responsibilities.

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Guest swfc4_1

he is hit and miss, but he is also our best player. We need JJ. anyone who says he hasn't got it in him, or he's too old, look at the last few games, sice we've needed him, since Antonio got injured, he has stepped up and proved his worth

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