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no, I'm having a good laugh because we did so well today by coming out in the 2nd half to defend well and only conceded 2 goals

phew... I thought you were being serious. I'm glad you are only kidding, I was about to call you a MORON.

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Nearly all the home matches, about five away games, all the TV matches etc

Birmingham (h), Ipswich (a), Hull (a)... feel free to add to my list.

So basically, about 60% going on them stats.

Today we lost our second away game since December. I can tell you now, if you can count on one hand the games we've deserved to win then you've either the 40% you've missed were some of them or you have more fingers than a dingle.

Eh? We snatched and grabbed from both Blakburn and especially Millwall. Do you deny that?

We snatched from Blackburn? Christ almighty.

Millwall we deserved a point and brilliantly won it.

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