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Jj Is That Good......

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Guest UpTheOwlsss

ash swfc wait a few days matey he will come down loadsss in form nial mcginn has basically the same stats and hes 64 bronze and goes for about 95k

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How have you got 250k ???

Never managed to save more than about 50k!!

Just blow it all on shitty packs and never get any1 worth owt!!

Think my profit is about -650k at mo


Got about 400k


and same all I used to do was buy packs, stop doing it though..

I just trade, and play the odd match

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I haven't played FUT for months, but I've got 520k plus 3 squads.


Making coins is easy if you put a bit of time into trading and play a lot of games.


Agreed in the first few months all I did was waste money on packs etc, I made a bit sold like 300k for IRL cash because I got bored


started again last month and made about 400k it's easy if you just be a tight arse, everything adds up

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Gonna get him on fifa. Don't care that he isn't Spanish, gonna have him upfront alongside Karim Benzema. Then we'll be laughin.

327k he went for earlier :(
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