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Missing Cog Fans

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Cogs better than Howard

Regardless of our form all Barnsley fans have taken to him and the point that he's helping our relegation rival has been valid but there's nothing we can do bout it so what is the point to your provocative thread

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The COG decision now looks a very good one.

Barnsley will pay the £350k we'll ask for and then we'll use that £350k to bid for an fail to sign half a dozen players before bringing in a couple of loan players and storming into a 10 point lead by Christmas.

It's all part of Milan's master plan.


In all seriousness, we will now make a profit on a player who's value wa depreciating rapidly before his loan.

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Chris O'Grady is unrelated to anything we are achieving at the moment.

Barnsley were the main commentary on 5 Live though for their match at Cardiff and they absolutely slated him. "Is there any wonder this is his 11th club" was the quote, if I recall correctly.

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